WiE on WAM, again.

September 16, 2010

A feature on September’s edition of Words in Edgewise will be aired on Weekend Arts Magazine on CBC Radio one this weekend. Get up with the birds and hear something beautiful. Don’t miss it.


After catching our breath in sunny August, Words in Edgewise returns with two highly anticipated presentations:

The Life Aquatic with Shawn Meredyk:

Wonders from the deep!

Growing up on the Prairies I always thought that a marine biologist from Saskatchewan was just a punch-line to one of my dad’s jokes. But it turns out they do exist. At least one of them, the one and only Shawn Meredyk. Hailing from Melville, Saskatchewan, Shawn is an Environmental Science masters student at MUN who was recently on a voyage to the middle of the North-Atlantic upon the Hudson where scientists used robots to explore the never-before-seen ocean floor on parts of the Scotian Shelf, the Flemish Cap, and the Orphan Knoll, where many new species of sea creatures were discovered—most looking like something out of Dr. Seuss.

You may have heard about the findings of the voyage, and seen some photos of the strange sea creatures that were discovered (like the one above), all over the news recently.

Come see and hear Shawn regale the Words in Edgewise audience with tales and HD video of adventure from the high seas and creatures from the deepest depths.

Science, Technology & Pontius Pilate:

a new work for the stage by Joan Sullivan

Also appearing at Words in Edgewise this month will be a performance of one of Joan Sullivan’s amazing verbatim dramas. Joan creates compelling short plays, or performed texts with commentary, by re-mixing existing texts, her past work in the Graduate Program in Humanities has included Roland Barthes and Jean-Paul Sartre in a heated debate and Antoinin Artaud and Marshall McLuhan talking about language and theatre.

Science, Techonology & Pontius Pilate is based upon the John’s Gospel and the work done by Joan as part of her Graduate Program in Humanities coursework on science and technology. Starring Sullivan, Neil Butler, and Ford Elms, and presented with director’s commentary, this is a performance certainly not to be missed!

J. M. Sullivan is the editor of the Newfoundland Quarterly and a freelance journalist whose work appears in The Globe and Mail, on CBC Radio’s Tapestry, and in The Telegram. She is also a playwright and director and her credits include Your Only Life, which she wrote and performed in St. John’s, Halifax and Montreal; an adaptation of Wayne Johnston’s The Story of Bobby O’Malley; and Cassie Brown: My Life in Non-Fiction, which premiered last summer at the Grand Bank Regional Theatre Festival and later toured provincial schools. Her theatre work in 2010 includes Rig, an adaptation of Mike Heffernan’s oral history of the Ocean Ranger, staged by Rising Tide theatre (showing in St. John’s at the Arts & Culture Centre Basement Theatre September 30 and October 3), and a gig as the first visiting director with the Grand Bank Regional Theatre Festival. Ms. Sullivan is also studying for a Master’s degree under the M. Phil program at Memorial University. She lives in St. John’s with her daughter, Marianne.

Words in Edgewise is happening Wednesday, September 15, at the Eastern Edge Gallery (72 Harbour Drive) at 8:00pm. Admission is pay-what-you-can, refreshments and snacks available. See you there!

WiE on WAM

August 10, 2010

I don’t suppose you were up with the sun to hear the feature on Words in Edgewise on CBC Radio One’s Weekend Arts Magazine this past weekend?

Great headline! Here’s the web version.

Words in Edgewise returns with ukuleles, photographs, and dancing condoms!

Your favourite night of mixed nuts is back and better than ever. This month featuring:

The St. John’s Ukulele Club:

The St. John’s Ukulele Orchestra, also known as the St. John’s Uke Club, started playing together in February, 2009. We play both original musical and an assortment of uked-up covers. Following in the traditions of lesser bands like Pink Floyd and Guns n’ Roses, the core of the band remains the same though the line-up changes constantly. To that end, we’re always looking for new blood, so if you’re interested, let us know and we’ll invite you to the next jam.

Performing at Words in Edgewise is Chrissy Dicks, Emilie Bourque, Chris Parsons, Matt Grant and Jon Montes. Alumni include Uke King Jamie Skidmore, Jordan Young, David Kaarsemaker and Adam Reid.

See more on their Facebook page!

Bojan Fürst – Street Photography in the Age of Paranoia

Bojan Fürst is a photographer, writer and broadcaster originally from Croatia. His work has been published in Canada and internationally. He is currently working at Memorial University of Newfoundland and pursuing a graduate degree in geography.
Samples of his work can be seen on his website.

Rachel Landy – Singing & Dancing Condoms: HIV & Folk Media Education Strategies

Rachel Landy is an ethnomusicology graduate student at MUN who studies the use of folk media for HIV education around the world, from Hip-Hop and Canadian Aboriginals, to dancing condoms in India,  puppetry in South Africa, and grassroots women’s movements in Uganda. Words in Edgewise has been trying to get Rachel to present her fascinating work for months, now, weeks before she leaves for Ghana to continue her work, we’ve finally got her!

Don’t miss it!

Thursday, July 14th, 8:00 pm
Eastern Edge Gallery
72 Harbour Dr.


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Words in Edgewise is back and bigger than ever!

This month featuring four mind-blowing presentations from:

Peter Wilkins – New Works

Words in Edgewise is thrilled to have renowned artist Peter Wilkins sharing and discussing some new and never-before-seen work.

As the inaugural artist-in-residence at Memorial University this past year Peter produced a range of group portraits, photomontages and perpetual film montages that he will be discussing at Words in Edgewise. And his latest photomontage works look at the Churchill Falls power installations.

Peter is perhaps best known for his Kinetic Portraits of 12 Canadian Writers, including Margaret Atwood, Douglas Coupland, Yann Martel and Jane Uruqhart. Originally exhibited at The Rooms in 2007 the entire suite was purchased by the Portrait Gallery of Canada in 2008. You may have also seen Peter’s recent project, “Gander International” that explores the design and aesthetic of late 1950s modernism at Gander Airport and was exhibited at The Rooms in 2008/09 as part of the mulit-artist show “Newtopia”.

For more information about Peter and his work visit: http://www.wilkins.ws/

Philippa Jones – Omniverse

Originally from the UK, Philippa Jones has lived in St. John’s since February 2009. She is an active member of the arts community and currently Chair of the Board of Directors at A1C Gallery. Phillipa is interested in the potential of games, and game-design in contemporary art. She will be discussing her influences and past projects, including ‘Omniverse’ (2008) a two space interactive installation wherein audience members or ‘players’ could select a projected scene by pressing one of four buttons on the wall, lower silhouetted forms which would then subsequently follow the movement of the viewer in the space.

Find out more about Phillipa’s work at: http://philippamjones.blogspot.com/

Dave Reynolds – Utopia & the Watchmen

An alumni of the Graduate Program in Humanities, Dave Reynolds studies comic books and comic books heroes, which he now teaches as part of distance education courses in the Department of English at Memorial University. For Words in Edgewise Dave will discuss utopia in relations to the graphic novel “Watchmen” based on his paper “Defending the Imperfect (E)Utopia in Alan Moore’s Watchmen.”

Chris Conway – Engineering & the Arts

Why in the world (especially this part of the world brimming with petroleum and prosperity) would an engineer forgo engineering as a career and instead pursue a master’s degree in Humanities? Chris Conway will answer that when he explains the connection between the arts and science and why understanding this connection is important.

Don’t miss the most exciting night of art, culture and ideas in St. John’s!

Thursday, June 17th, 8:00 pm
Eastern Edge Gallery
72 Harbour Dr.



Celina Rumayor
Master of Philosophy in Humanities candidate, virtual artist and poet, presenting her work “Immersive Virtual Art as Poetic Experience: The virtual art of Char Davies and poetry as an experience.”

Aimee Wall
Winner of a 2010 Newfoundland and Labrador Arts and Letters Award for her short story “Thaw”.

And much more!

Hosted by Morgan Murray, dressed funny and talking nonsense, as always.

Thursday, May 20, 2010, 8:00 pm
Eastern Edge Gallery, 72 Harbour Dr., St. John’s, NL
Refreshments available!
Pay what you can!
Email: wordsinedgewisestjohns@gmail.com for more info.

New partner!

March 25, 2010

Words in Edgewise is proud to announce that magpie magazine has come aboard as a partner in presenting some of St. John’s most exciting academics and artists. magpie is a new magazine that marries the best of these two worlds in a beautiful and engaging package. To find out more check out:


After conquering time, the apocalypse and the Atlantic in January,
Words in Edgewise returns!


Lee Butt discussing Posthumanism and the Punisher,

Nick Morine blowing your mind and your ear drums with an introduction to Death Metal,


Deborah Inkpen discussing social justice in the graffiti/street art of British art superhero (complete with the secret identity) Banksy.

Don’t miss it!

Thursday, March 11, 2010, 7:00 pm
Eastern Edge Gallery, 72 Harbour Dr., St. John’s, NL
Refreshments available!
Pay what you can!
Email mem875@mun.ca for more info.