Words in Edgewise – November: Talking to Terrorists

November 6, 2010

Words in Edgewise presents Talking to Terrorists

As we prepare to honour the memory of those who died fighting to end war, join Words in Edgewise on November 10th as we explore how we might achieve peace in our world with a very special presentation of Talking to Terrorists. Joan Sullivan, editor, playwright, and Masters of Philosophy Candidate, directs a staged reading of British playwright Robin Soans’ 2005 play. The play’s 29 characters will be performed by Neil Butler, Mary-Lynn Bernard, Kimberly Drake, Ashwin Gupta, Andy Jones, Andrew Loman, Crystal Parsons, and Dave Sullivan.

Talking to Terrorists is a compelling and incisive piece of verbatim theatre—all the dialogue is collected from interviews with real former terrorists and their victims, politicians, relief workers, psychologists, journalists, and others—that explores the complexity of terrorism and highlights the fact that terror cannot be stopped with violence, but only by talking to terrorists.

Do not miss Talking to Terrorists at Words in Edgewise, Wednesday, November 10, 2010 at Eastern Edge Gallery, 8pm, hosted by Morgan Murray. Admission is by donation, refreshments and snacks are available


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