Words in Edgewise – September

August 30, 2010

After catching our breath in sunny August, Words in Edgewise returns with two highly anticipated presentations:

The Life Aquatic with Shawn Meredyk:

Wonders from the deep!

Growing up on the Prairies I always thought that a marine biologist from Saskatchewan was just a punch-line to one of my dad’s jokes. But it turns out they do exist. At least one of them, the one and only Shawn Meredyk. Hailing from Melville, Saskatchewan, Shawn is an Environmental Science masters student at MUN who was recently on a voyage to the middle of the North-Atlantic upon the Hudson where scientists used robots to explore the never-before-seen ocean floor on parts of the Scotian Shelf, the Flemish Cap, and the Orphan Knoll, where many new species of sea creatures were discovered—most looking like something out of Dr. Seuss.

You may have heard about the findings of the voyage, and seen some photos of the strange sea creatures that were discovered (like the one above), all over the news recently.

Come see and hear Shawn regale the Words in Edgewise audience with tales and HD video of adventure from the high seas and creatures from the deepest depths.

Science, Technology & Pontius Pilate:

a new work for the stage by Joan Sullivan

Also appearing at Words in Edgewise this month will be a performance of one of Joan Sullivan’s amazing verbatim dramas. Joan creates compelling short plays, or performed texts with commentary, by re-mixing existing texts, her past work in the Graduate Program in Humanities has included Roland Barthes and Jean-Paul Sartre in a heated debate and Antoinin Artaud and Marshall McLuhan talking about language and theatre.

Science, Techonology & Pontius Pilate is based upon the John’s Gospel and the work done by Joan as part of her Graduate Program in Humanities coursework on science and technology. Starring Sullivan, Neil Butler, and Ford Elms, and presented with director’s commentary, this is a performance certainly not to be missed!

J. M. Sullivan is the editor of the Newfoundland Quarterly and a freelance journalist whose work appears in The Globe and Mail, on CBC Radio’s Tapestry, and in The Telegram. She is also a playwright and director and her credits include Your Only Life, which she wrote and performed in St. John’s, Halifax and Montreal; an adaptation of Wayne Johnston’s The Story of Bobby O’Malley; and Cassie Brown: My Life in Non-Fiction, which premiered last summer at the Grand Bank Regional Theatre Festival and later toured provincial schools. Her theatre work in 2010 includes Rig, an adaptation of Mike Heffernan’s oral history of the Ocean Ranger, staged by Rising Tide theatre (showing in St. John’s at the Arts & Culture Centre Basement Theatre September 30 and October 3), and a gig as the first visiting director with the Grand Bank Regional Theatre Festival. Ms. Sullivan is also studying for a Master’s degree under the M. Phil program at Memorial University. She lives in St. John’s with her daughter, Marianne.

Words in Edgewise is happening Wednesday, September 15, at the Eastern Edge Gallery (72 Harbour Drive) at 8:00pm. Admission is pay-what-you-can, refreshments and snacks available. See you there!


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  1. […] Graduate Program in Humanities has included “Science, Technology, and Pontius Pilate” (Words in Edgewise, September, 2010) Roland Barthes and Jean-Paul Sartre in a heated debate and Antoinin Artaud and Marshall McLuhan […]

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