Words in Edgewise – June 17, 2010

June 11, 2010

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Words in Edgewise is back and bigger than ever!

This month featuring four mind-blowing presentations from:

Peter Wilkins – New Works

Words in Edgewise is thrilled to have renowned artist Peter Wilkins sharing and discussing some new and never-before-seen work.

As the inaugural artist-in-residence at Memorial University this past year Peter produced a range of group portraits, photomontages and perpetual film montages that he will be discussing at Words in Edgewise. And his latest photomontage works look at the Churchill Falls power installations.

Peter is perhaps best known for his Kinetic Portraits of 12 Canadian Writers, including Margaret Atwood, Douglas Coupland, Yann Martel and Jane Uruqhart. Originally exhibited at The Rooms in 2007 the entire suite was purchased by the Portrait Gallery of Canada in 2008. You may have also seen Peter’s recent project, “Gander International” that explores the design and aesthetic of late 1950s modernism at Gander Airport and was exhibited at The Rooms in 2008/09 as part of the mulit-artist show “Newtopia”.

For more information about Peter and his work visit: http://www.wilkins.ws/

Philippa Jones – Omniverse

Originally from the UK, Philippa Jones has lived in St. John’s since February 2009. She is an active member of the arts community and currently Chair of the Board of Directors at A1C Gallery. Phillipa is interested in the potential of games, and game-design in contemporary art. She will be discussing her influences and past projects, including ‘Omniverse’ (2008) a two space interactive installation wherein audience members or ‘players’ could select a projected scene by pressing one of four buttons on the wall, lower silhouetted forms which would then subsequently follow the movement of the viewer in the space.

Find out more about Phillipa’s work at: http://philippamjones.blogspot.com/

Dave Reynolds – Utopia & the Watchmen

An alumni of the Graduate Program in Humanities, Dave Reynolds studies comic books and comic books heroes, which he now teaches as part of distance education courses in the Department of English at Memorial University. For Words in Edgewise Dave will discuss utopia in relations to the graphic novel “Watchmen” based on his paper “Defending the Imperfect (E)Utopia in Alan Moore’s Watchmen.”

Chris Conway – Engineering & the Arts

Why in the world (especially this part of the world brimming with petroleum and prosperity) would an engineer forgo engineering as a career and instead pursue a master’s degree in Humanities? Chris Conway will answer that when he explains the connection between the arts and science and why understanding this connection is important.

Don’t miss the most exciting night of art, culture and ideas in St. John’s!

Thursday, June 17th, 8:00 pm
Eastern Edge Gallery
72 Harbour Dr.



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